Quilt Makers – Why You Should Consider Custom Woven Labels for Your Creations?

The art of creating quilts has again become popular as people realize the beauty that only a custom-made quilt can bring. Adding custom clothing labels to your creations is the perfect finishing touch. A custom-made sewing label adds more than just your name; it is a professional touch that compliments the design of your quilt. Quilt labels or tags can contain all of the important things you want people to know about you and your quilts- your name, the materials you used to create them, wash and care instructions, or anything else that you feel is important.

If you create quilts to sell, labels are even more important. Adding a label to your quilt tells potential buyers that you have created your quilt with care, and that they are buying a product that they can cherish for years. Your personalized quilt labels can contain more than just your name- you can create a logo, add your brand name, and even details such as an email or web address to allow others to contact you.

Another use for personalized quilt labels are heritage quilts. In many families, there are quilts made by a family member that have been given as gifts or left as a legacy from a departed loved one. Creating quilt labels that commemorate the quilter and contain information about that person are a special way to pay tribute to an artist.

Once you have decided to use fabric sewing labels, you may wonder what the best type to buy is. While you can find very low-priced labels, you have to be cautious because the results may look cheap and won’t suit the quality and craftsmanship of your quilt. Damask woven labels are the best option for quilts. They are a type of woven label made of high quality materials that won’t look out-of-place. Damask woven labels have a handcrafted look that is ideal for the style of any quilt.

When you are ready to design or to order your labels, you should consider a number of things. Damask woven labels for quilts are available in any color scheme, so you should choose one that coordinates with the quilts you plan to place them on. You will also want to think carefully about the size of your quilting labels. Because quilts are generally larger pieces, you can create large sewing labels that contain lots of information. Decide on what you want to include and work with the manufacturer to create a label that contains everything you want.

Personalized quilt labels are like an artist’s signature on a painting. They are a lasting tribute to the artist who has created a quilt, and will tell anyone who looks at it a little bit of your story. You can create your labels to be used on any project- the quality and style of these labels is equally appropriate for crocheted blankets, quilted tapestries, knotted fleece blankets, or any other type of sewing project.

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