RECAP: “The Lying Game” Season 1 Episode 2

After the pilot episode where twins, Sutton and Emma are introduced, Emma goes along with her sister`s plan to pretend to be her for until Sutton finds their real parents in Los Angeles. She is getting adjusted to her temporary new life and enjoying the luxury of having a real family for the first time. Having cute clothes and a huge room doesn’t hurt as well. The only reminder of her prior living situation is her cell phone which rings occasionally when her annoying foster brother Travis tries to contact her and give her a hard time.

Besides having to act like Sutton, deal with her boyfriend drama and stick to Sutton`s plan, Emma also learns that she will have to show her moves in a father-daughter dance at the country club. The dance really worries Emma, but not as much as the missing laptop that had all of the information about Sutton that would have helped Emma to play her part much better. All of the drama freaks Emma out and she decides to go to LA and look for Sutton who might be in trouble. The mysterious Sutton`s secret boyfriend Ethan calms Emma down, tells her to stay, and promises to give her dance lessons.

Emma is not sure if she should trust him, but he knows a lot about Sutton and seems willing to help. He is also the one who explains to Emma what the “lying games” are. It turns out that they are practical jokes and pranks that Sutton and her friends have been taking part in for years. Most importantly, Ethan gives Emma some dancing lessons. Although she is horrible in the beginning, as soon as she looks in his eyes and begins to “trust” him, she becomes a pretty good dancer in an instant. Good job, Emma.

Emma (aka Sutton) is not the only person that has problems in this episode. Madeline is annoyed with her father who wants to make her brother Thayer come back from LA. Char isn’t into dancing ballet anymore because she feels like she doesn’t have the natural talent, which leads to a confrontation with her mom.

Thanks to Ethan, the father-daughter dance goes quiet smoothly, until an arguments starts out between Mads, her father, and Emma. He accused Emma (aka Sutton) of encouraging his son Thayer to go to LA in the first place. The argument gets heated and Ethan jumps in to defend Emma. That lands him in the police station although he is released soon after. Emma and Ethan share a warm hug which leads the viewers into thinking that a new romance might be starting up.

Out of the blue, Sutton contacts Emma and tells her to go home so they could chat. Ethan and Emma talk to Sutton, and she explains why she hasn`t been in touch. She made plans to meet with a woman who is possibly their mother but she didn’t show up and the Sutton was robbed. She asks for a few more days to figure things out. Ethan is made at Sutton for not being open with him and telling him about her twin sister, Emma is stressed about having to pretend to be her sister for longer than she expected. They let Sutton know that her laptop was stolen and she is worried because she put all of the very important information on it. Not sure how she expects Emma and Ethan to find a stolen laptop in Phoenix, especially since it is now in the hands of Madeline`s father for some unknown reason.

Emma-pretending to be Sutton`s parents are relieved that she seems to be reconnecting with them, yet they are suspicious about her behavior. They find out that Emma is supposedly seeing Ethan and then finds them together in Sutton`s bedroom. Busted! Also, her mother finds Emma`s real cell in her room, and answers it. The call is from Travis, who asks for Emma, but then hangs up after hearing an unfamiliar voice. However, Emma is a smart girl and she will find a way to get out of all the sticky situations. Let`s see what she gets into in episode three.

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