Relationship Between Diet and Employee Productivity

Several studies on nutrition show that organizations that maintain ongoing programs and activities that promote healthy lifestyle for the employees and management are more healthy economically and socially.

A high quality of life and a healthy lifestyle significantly contribute to the level of motivation at work, improve communication, and, ultimately, improve employee productivity and reduced days of absence due to illness. Intellectual organization to implement corporate strategy empowers the worker physically and mentally, and invests his health. You can see the bottom line results.

Various studies in the field of occupational medicine found a close connection between obesity, job stress, and excessive sleepiness. A Valnsinki University study, sponsored by the Department of Public Health, looked at 7000 people, of whom 5,000 were women and 2,000 were men. All participants were employed in the city. 19 percent of men and 25 percent of women reported that they’d gained weight in the previous year. The study was conducted by administrative workers with heavy responsibilities, who were more likely to overeat at every opportunity.

Those subjects, managers, and other employees who work for long working hours, (beyond the usual office hours), reported that when they leave their homes or their jobs, they often think about their tasks. This causes stress, worries and a depressed mood. They also reported that they woke up feeling cumbersome, and they feel too tired to work. As a result, they took along “munchies”: fatty snacks, pastries and sugary drinks, as well as brief meals they eat in their cars and / or restaurants. The women reported much stress at work, long working hours, dissatisfaction about their work and stress with different colleagues at work.

Many high-tech workers are in poor health, due to work stress, long working hours, responsibility placed on them and more. Many workers suffer from the problem of obesity due to prolonged sitting during the day at the computer, eating quick meals and junk food, and snacking from the company kitchenette. Employees who are overweight are at greater risk for heart disease, burst blood vessels, high cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, and more. Overweight workers often suffer from fatigue, and are sleepy after dinner. This vicious circle is not healthy for the employee or the company- it takes a heavy health toll on the quality and quantity of the work that gets done. A sick or tired employee costs a company money, brings delay, and makes the company suffer losses.

In exchange for their commitment to become a serf to the company that employs them (or the company they established) and work 12-16 hours a day, workers get back from the company all the “treats” that money can offer: expensive car, smart phone, high-end laptop, personal services, flights abroad and unusually high salaries. Today, high – tech companies pull out all the stops to induce the best and the brightest to work for them. But in spite of the pampered life these executives receive, they sometimes forget to care about their most important interests – and they do not even notice any damage caused to their bodies, their health, or their future.

In most high-tech companies, the human resources department is responsible for ensuring the welfare of employees who work long, hard hours. Showered gifts, discounts, and high benefits are commonplace. But are high-tech Happy Meals the solution to the problems of health and nutrition? Is there an answer to any of these problems?

Today, some organizations have failed to understand they must invest in health workers, so they can get full value for their employees’ work, and began to bring diet plans into the enterprise itself.

What are the benefits of workshops and diet organization for the employee?

– It saves time – slimming workshops are at work, and therefore more accessible for the busy worker.

– Daily support- participating members work together in workshops.

– Supportive atmosphere

– Diet organization

– Feeling better physically, and better functioning on the job.

– Makes work fun!

– Makes employees bond with the company

What are the benefits of a diet workshop for your organization?

– Higher creativity among employees.

– A significant increase in output.

– Reduced absences due to illness.

– Satisfaction of employees with the workplace.

– An increase in employee motivation

In summary, organizations in general ,and in particular high-tech companies, need to help their workers be healthy. By caring for the health and welfare of workers, workers will be happier and more loyal, which will yield higher productivity and fewer sick days. I recommend that organizations stop looking for gimmicks to provide motivation for the workers and begin investing in the employees themselves. A healthy organization atmosphere, and setting up gyms within the organization, will profit everyone.

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