Relieve Your Sinuses with Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling, in my opinion, is one of the best kept secrets in reference to home remedies and healing procedures associated with sinus problems. The process of oil pulling, or oil swishing as some like call it, is an old Ayurveda process practiced by Dr. F. Karach, M.D. that is said to cure almost anything from aches and pains to more severe diseases such as leukemia. More commonly, however, many have turned to oil pulling as a way to battle off sinus and dental problems.

With twenty minutes to spare and a teaspoon of sunflower or sesame oil, each day, you can end up with clearer sinuses and feel healthier and more rejuvenated by oil pulling. The trick is to take a teaspoon of the oil in your mouth, before eating anything in the morning, and swish it all around your mouth, through your gums, and in between the teeth for 15-20 minutes. It is important not to swallow this mixture since it is pulling bacteria and toxins from the body, which lay below the gums. If after 15-20 minutes you notice that the saliva/oil mixture has turned into a thick white texture, that is a chemical reaction showing that this home remedy is doing the job it’s supposed to do. When you are done with the swishing process make sure to dispose of the oil in a trash can or flush the oil through the septic system. Shortly after, within a day or two, may people notice they can breath much easier and that they feel better, overall.

As mentioned before, oil pulling can be a home remedy for several other problems associated with organs, joints, teeth and gum, and also overall rejuvenation. Although sunflower and sesame oil are the two oils recommended, many people have also had success using coconut, canola, or other types of oil depending on what type of cure they are searching for. Oil pulling has proved to be a simple, safe, and natural way to detoxify the body of bad bacteria and in most cases does not produce side effects. For a cheap and natural way to get rid of sinus problems, using the oil pulling or oil swishing method has been a lifesaver for many.

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