Roddy White Takes Shot at Goodell: A Fan’s Take

Twitter and athletes are just a wonderful combination. Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Roddy White is the latest athlete to fire off a 140 character statement that blew up in his face.

White thinks that Commissioner Roger Goodell is overpaid; he will eventually make $20 annually, because he isn’t on the field actually playing the game.

First of all many people think that athletes themselves are overpaid, so White is taking up a losing argument with a good portion of his fan base. I don’t agree with those people, it is all about supply and demand, but think before you post. If White didn’t realize he would get backlash from people saying how firefighters, soldiers and teachers are all woefully underpaid, then he is really out of touch.

Also does White realize that Goodell does a lot for the NFL? If you don’t have a good leader then your league will start to deteriorate and White would be making as many millions as he is now. The ship needs a captain and Goodell is that. White and some other players may not like Goodell, but there is no doubt he is helping the league is make money hand over fist. Just look to the NHL to see what a bad leader can do to a sport.

Finally Goodell has to put up with a lot in his job. Players constantly whining and crying about the new rules, players running afoul of the law, positive drug tests for performance enhancers, and more. He gets to deal with the bad side of the league. He never gets to hear the cheers of the fans nor have people salivating all over themselves as they ask for an autograph. He isn’t constantly having his ego stroked by an adoring public like you Roddy.

Some will say that nobody deserves $20 million a year, but that is an argument for another day. Goodell is the head of a company that makes billions, so he is just getting his share of that huge pie. Roddy is making gobs of cash in the NFL, so why does he feel the need to rag on Goodell for making a fortune in that very same business? Roddy you would have been much better off never having hit the send button. Just another athlete bested by Twitter.

Darren Pare has been a fan of the NFL for over 25 years. You can follow him on Twitter at dpare71 and hopefully he won’t stick his foot in his mouth too often.

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