Saved by the Share Button

In the wake of the popular social networking site Facebook suspending thousands of accounts, hundreds of which were made up of animal pages, animal rescue organizations or animal lovers’ personal accounts, one woman, an animal rescuer and advocate, started a campaign aptly named “Saved by the Share Button”. Savana Frame, administrator for the Facebook page “We Are Their Voice (Stop Animal Cruelty)”, requested photos and stories from individuals who adopted their dog or cat through the help of Facebook. She then compiled the photos and created an album, which is up to 75 animals as of Sept. 15th, to display those who were saved by using the “share” button on Facebook.

Underneath photos, links or status updates, there is the option to share. By clicking on this “share” button, a user displays this photo, link or status update on their own Facebook wall. In turn, those individuals associated with that user can view the photo, link or status update and also have the option to share it. This way, thousands of animals in need are shared with hundreds of thousands of people. Never before have so many animals in need had such a chance to find their furever home.

Savana Frame began this project as a way to show others the importance of cross posting – a term that signifies sharing photos, links or status updates on multiple Facebook walls. During the 15 day suspension of hundreds of animal pages it was suggested that because this cross posting could not take place, that Facebook had inadvertently cost the lives of countless animals. However, this will never be known.

But what is known and what is fact: Facebook helps save lives.

Meet Lars and Clem, a dynamic duo who became fast friends in the shelter. They are an odd couple – a little dog and a big dog; the little dog sleeping on top of the bigger one. They were inseparable and their photo spread like wildfire over Facebook pages, seen by many via the “share” button. The plea was to adopt the two together. One woman came forward, moved by the photo, and adopted both.

Meet Mojo, a gorgeous black dog, who was saved from death row at the Orange County Animal Shelter. Through the power of sharing on Facebook, his new guardians saw his photo and adopted him. He was underweight and is described as “super hyper”. Thanks to the “share” button, Mojo has a new lease on life.

Meet Cali, a senior female at a high kill shelter, who appeared to have been used for breeding. A woman up near Canada saw her photo posted via the “share” button and went to great lengths to save this girl from CA. Through the power of networking, Cali went into foster until the funds could be raised for her transport. A chip-in (an online way to raise money) was also networked by the “share” button to raise the funds for both transport and needed surgery. Today, this senior girl is healthy and living the good life.

Please visit We Are Their Voice to view the full photo album or share your own story of how Facebook saved your new furry family member.

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