Roman Holiday’s New Album ‘Move Your Heart/Shake Your Bones’ Drops This Fall

Seattle band Roman Holiday, is set to release their 2nd full length album ‘Move Your Heart/Shake Your Bones’ this fall, and the title could not be more accurate. You’ll be rocking, shaking, swaying and crying by the time you get through your first listen. It’s a well sequenced album with heart-wrenching anthems and pop rock dance tunes. Roman Holiday has taken their talent to the next level. Their freshman full length album, Paint This Town introduced us to the bands unique sound and impressive skills as musicians. ‘Move Your Heart/Shake Your Bones’, does that and a whole lot more.
Band mates; Shane (lead singer, rhythm guitar), Daniel (lead guitar), Nick (bass) and Emerson (drums) are incredibly talented musicians as individuals but as a unit they are mind-blowing. Each member brings only the best to the table; Daniel’s guitar parts will wrap around your soul while Nick’s catchy bass lines will have you toe-tapping. You will be blown away by the strength of Emerson’s drum beats and it’s clear Shane’s writing skills have become more poignant since the release of ‘Paint This Town’.

The album offers a bit of everything; Shadow Show is straight up rock n’ roll and will remind you of a time when rock was king. The anthemic qualities of Blood Red Moon and Telephone drive that point even further. You can envision a live performance complete with crying girls and their fist pumping boyfriends.

Telephone is the shining star on ‘Move Your Heart/Shake Your Bones’. You can’t listen to this song just once, it’ll be on repeat for a while. Between Shane’s voice and Daniel’s guitar parts you will get that feeling, you know the one I’m talking about, the one that can’t be defined in just one word. You will instinctively close your eyes and let it envelop you.

Another favorite is The Ghost. This song is the polar opposite of Telephone. The Ghost will have you dancing around your bedroom like a fool without a care. It’s easy to see a club remix of this song at some point. Runaway Son, Young Together, Yellow Sun, Fuel the Fire, and Lockets are distinctly Roho and are pop rock gold. October takes a turn for the mellow and Shane will surprise you with the most beautiful falsetto. The boy has held out on us. I hope we hear more of that in the future, truly gorgeous.

If you don’t know the back history of Roman Holiday you would think they were seasoned musicians who have honed their skills and paid there dues, not young men in their early 20’s just starting out. Everything about their music has a maturity beyond their years. The boys will be headed to Europe in the fall so be sure to see them live. ‘Move Your Heart/Shake Your Bones‘, will be released in the fall as well. Prepare to have your face melted and your bones shakin’.

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