Roy Williams Mad at UNC Fans? Just Another Reason to Not like Him or was it Smart?

In college basketball there are a few teams in the land you love to hate. North Carolina ranks among that list. Usually when this team makes the media , it is about them winning or getting another great player to join there already successful program.

However, this time it is all about Roy Williams , not that he would need to say anything to be in the media, since he is the coach of North Carolina. He tells UNC fans that they were sell outs for selling tickets to UNLV fans , which happened to be seats behind the bench of UNC. Sure , we can all understand his complain here. Would this have mattered if UNC had beaten UNLV? Plus , you have to look at the fact that they played the game in Las Vegas , only across country.

The bottom line is no coach , not even Roy Williams should blast fans like this. However, I don’t think it was an awful idea to do so considering the fact that they have to play #9 Wisconsin and #1 Kentucky in 4 days. This move could have taken some of the pressure off of his players by making fans and sports writers focus more on him instead of the team.

Some people may have a problem with it and some might not. However, in College sports if you want to overshadow something just come out and make comments that some people might not like. It has worked many times in this world.

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