Runyon Canyon Park-Top Stop to Hike in Los Angeles

Runyon Canyon Park has the best hiking trail in Los Angeles, California. I had the pleasure of walking their A trail today. The Park has three different trails. A, B, and C.

Trail A is the “easy, fun, and relaxing” trail. Let me be the first to tell you it’s not easy. It’s just as tough as the Park’s hardest trail. Walking along trail A I got to see a lot of owners with their puppies. If you’re a pet owner than Routine A is for you. It offers an off leash walking trail, perfect for you and your furry child to get in shape.

Trail B offers amazing views of Los Angeles if you’re like me and love a good picture of nature than I suggest bringing your camera along in a backpack. The lightening is perfect for some good panoramic views of all that LA has to offer.

Trail C is the hardest trail in the whole Park if you’re new to hiking it isn’t recommended that you attempted this trail. If you’re in good shape and looking to challenge yourself than this trail is for you.
Expect to leave behind buckets of sweat I was told that this trail means business by one of the park goers.

Runyon Canyon is the perfect place to walk to lose weight. Using hiking as a tool for weight lose is a great decision to help me progressively shred unwanted pounds. If you’re like me and struggle with high impact workouts, than walking is for you as well. Walking is a low impact exercise.

As a former softball player I have a tendency to want to participate in the more athletic scale workouts, without considering the massive amount of weight I’ve gained.

Walking is something we do everyday, it’s not as scary as machinery, having to hire a personal trainer, or making a fool out of oneself at a salsa class.

Adding more walking to our daily routine will only help us those the pounds. It won’t put as much pressure on the heart as a high impact workout.

To some walking might not seem like much of a challenge it didn’t to me. That’s why hiking at Runyon Canyon Park is a fantastic workout even the most in shape people I came across were dripping sweat, out of breathe, and huffing and puffing.

The steep intervals winding trails with captivating views help make the escape of a busy city life possible. Hiking up the mountain taking in the sight of the Hollywood sign, Downtown Los Angeles on a clear, smog free sunny day is will worth the huffing and puffing that it takes to get to the top.

We live in times where we want instant gratification it doesn’t take seeing the number drop down on the scale to get it either. At Runyon Canyon Park one feels instantly satisfied after having accomplished a goal. Hiking up to the top gives you that feeling that nothing is impossible as long as you try and keep pushing through the pain.

The Park offers healthy living at a friction of the price of one of the aerobic class I’ve signed up for at my local gym. Check out their daily free yoga classes. That’s right FREE YOGA. All that’s required from you is that you bring your own yoga mat, bottle of water and towel.

Here’s a Tip #1: If you’re going to take the Red Line and not opt to take the 217 make sure you’re wearing comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, and drink lots of water. The distance between the Metro station and entrance is a mini excursion.

Tip #2: Take a FREE Yoga class that’s right FREE Yoga daily.
Though we missed the 8:45 morning class and the other two classes at 2:30 and 6:00 pm. All of which are free. We will be going back two Thursday’s a month to go hiking and to take a class. Offering the body variety is important in any weight lose goal.

Tip #3: Bring bug repellent
During a rest after walking up back down at one of the park benches we were pestered by flies, mosquitoes, and other insects. The tranquil feeling was overshadowed by bugs. Make sure your stay at the Park is memorable and not for the wrong reasons.

Now get out there and hike away the weight at Runyon Canyons Park remember walking gets you fit, decreases the risk for heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

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