Sarah Palin is Not Running for President

We all breathed a universal sigh of relief when we found out that Sarah Palin is NOT running for president. I usually don’t ever have a strong opinion about who should be president although I do have favorites but there is no way that Sarah Palin should have been running for president. In fact, I would have probably protested against it and campaigned for everyone that would run against her. Okay, maybe I would not have gone that far but I am super happy. Just for fun, here are 10 things that would happen if Sarah Palin became president.

If Sarah Palin became president…

1. Alaska would be the new U.S. capital.
2. Everyone would be forced to hunt.
3. Abortion would finally become illegal.
4. Everyone would have a gun.
5. The talk of global warming would finally be over.
6. Everyone would get a copy of her book Going Rogue and be forced to read it.
7. Dancing with the Stars would be forced to give Bristol another chance.
8. Obama would be buried alive.
9. Her husband would beg her to take him back.
10. Glen Rice would become her side chick.

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