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The “It begins.” promo created a lot of buzz within the WWE Universe. Many of the members had theories as to who would be returning on the second day of 2012. In my article “It Begins: Promo One”, I looked into the different theories floating around and ultimately choose The Undertaker as the Superstar who would be returning on the second day of 2012.

On the November 28 th episode of Monday Night Raw, a blurry message popped up in the lower left hand corner of the screen. The message revealed the following link to youtube which can be accessed by clicking HERE.

The video starts by showing a park bench, it cuts to a boy sitting alone in a classroom. The boy is at his desk writing with a permanent marker. He begins to write and narrate the following passage:

“The power cometh is a thief in the night, to claim what others have taken. Those who are unjust, destruction will come upon them and they shall not escape. The second day of 2012 is coming and it will be the end of the world as you know it.”

During his narration the video cuts away multiple times. The cutaways show various clips from a swing set, to a shopping cart in the middle of a park. Everything shown appears on a wet cloudy day. The video ends by having a girl appear sitting on a cabinet behind the boy before fading to a black screen and reading “Second.”

A lot of names have been floating around since the “Second.” promo aired on Youtube. Some of those names include The Undertaker, Kane, Chris Jericho, and Shane McMahon. Those same names were floating around after the “It begins.” promo aired on Youtube. The “Second.” promo has also brought out some new names. Those new names include Mankind, Kharma, and Stephanie McMahon.


The theory behind Mankind’s return is that Mick Foley (the Superstar who wrestled as Mankind) wrote all his books by hand. The boy in the video is using a sharpie to write in his notebook; However, that is not enough evidence to justify Mankind’s return. Foley recently returned to the WWE when ‘Raw Got Rocked’ and to host a special live edition of SmackDown on November 29 th . Now that Foley has appeared I think he will go back to focusing on his comedy. Foley has shows scheduled from December 1 st to December 3 rd . After those dates Foley’s next show is not scheduled until January 21 st , 2012. Even though Foley does not have a show scheduled for the second of January it would not make much sense for him to return as Mankind. If Foley returns as Mankind he will only have three weeks before his tour dates start up again. For those reasons Mankind will not be the familiar force returning on the second day of 2012.


Kharma is due to return in 2012 but January is to soon. Kharma left the WWE at the end of May after revealing to the WWE Universe that she was pregnant. Most pregnancies last nine months. That would make the baby due near the end of February. Unless Kharma was already two months pregnant before leaving the WWE she will not be the familiar force returning on the second day of 2012.

Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon:

The girl appearing in the background could be the boys little sister. Leaving people in the WWE Universe to believe that Shane and Stephanie McMahon will be the force returning. The age on the first Youtube account was 43, the age on this Youtube account is 22. The age difference between the Youtube accounts is 21 years. The age difference between Shane and Stephanie is only 6 years. If Shane and Stephanie were to come back it could be the end of the world for Vince McMahon. The second day of 2012 could be the day when Vince hands the company over to Shane and Stephanie. Not a bad theory but just because a girl appeared in the background does not mean a male and female will be returning. It may not even mean two Superstars are returning. The WWE could have added the girl to the promo. Why would the WWE add the girl to the promo? To hide the real identity of the Superstar returning by getting the WWE Universe to speculate. For that reason Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon will not be returning on the second day of 2012.

Michelle McCool and The Undertaker:

I have not seen McCool’s name floating around but who says the girl in the video has to be the little boys sister. The Undertaker could be returning with his wife Michelle McCool. McCool is currently 31 years old while The Undertaker is currently 46 years old. The difference between their ages is 15 years, which is a lot closer to the age difference on the Youtube accounts. Even if McCool is not returning, The Undertaker will be. The reasons for me choosing The Undertaker as the familiar force returning on the second day of 2012 can be seen in my first article “It Begins: Promo One”. Some have pointed out that the girl in the “Second.” promo repeats “TOMB STONE” as the screen fades to black. I turned my speakers up as high as they could go, it did sound like the girl was saying “TOMB STONE”. Even if the girl is not saying “TOMB STONE” I’m sticking with my original pick of The Undertaker.


A lot of people have ruled Kane out because he had a promo air on Raw when the hidden message was revealed for the “It begins.” promo. On the November 28 th episode of Raw, a second promo for Kane aired. This time the video confirmed that Kane was returning; However, it did not confirm when Kane would be returning. Making it very likely that Kane will be one of the Superstars returning on the second day of 2012.

Chris Jericho:

Some members of the WWE Universe are sticking with the ‘Y2J’ theory. By taking the ‘Y’ from Youtube, the ‘2’ from the 2 nd day, and the ‘J’ from January gives you ‘Y2J’. As I pointed out before this is not a good way to determine what Superstar will be returning. Anyone could sit there and put together the letters from ‘Youtube’ and ‘January’ to try and spell out a Superstars name. For that reason Jericho will not be the familiar force returning on the second day of 2012.

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