Setting Up a Vending Service at Thunder Over Louisville

Thunder Over Louisville can bring nearly 600,000 visitors in one day to the banks of the Ohio River making it a great opportunity for extra money by setting up a vending service. Be fore warned, many vending services tend to run out of items long before the day is over, so be sure to take plenty of inventory. If you are looking to make some extra money or if you have made vending your job career, this just might be the place you’ll want to be each and every year for some extra cash.

Food Vending at Thunder Over Louisville

If you’d like to set up a food vending booth at Thunder Over Louisville, you’ll need to contact ‘Concessions by Cox’ at 614-297-0735. As visitors walk down the streets of Indiana and Louisville, they will see many hot dog and nacho stands. Try to think of something new and different if you want to compete with the dozens of other food vending booths. There is money to be made with the right foods.

I’ve noticed BBQ pork and tenderloin food vending booths line up with hungry visitors, but what about simple sandwiches like: fried bologna, country ham, or BLTs. Who knows what foods will sell each year, but with the right niche, someone will be making money.

Souvenir Vending Carts

There are many opportunities for souvenir vending carts. In the past, everything from lighted rings to ‘Thunder’ sweatshirts have sold. Others raffle off tickets for motorcycles while some set up dunking booths to earn money. Put some thought into what you’ll sell before calling ‘The Festival’ at 502-584-6383.

If you’re wondering what type of vending carts are used, well, just about any style or type you can imagine. Some are set into the ground while others are on wheels. I’ve even saw some vendors walking around selling items right out of their arms and jackets.

Things to Remember

There are many local restaurants that will be selling food and souvenirs during the event. Do some research to find out their menu and their list of other items so you don’t duplicate. Also, be sure to bring sunscreen, drinks, jackets, blankets, and other items you’ll need for the day. It’s also a good idea not to set up alone as you’ll need to take bathroom breaks and will not want to leave your vending area unattended.

For a more detailed list of activities, opportunities, and to get some of your questions answered, visit the ‘Tunder Over Louisville’ website.

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