Simple Design Tricks to Make You an Icing Expert

You’ve iced your cake but it needs something to make the ordinary spread extraordinary. Cookie cutters can help you spruce up your cake in a flash with festive fun designs to meet any occasion.

Choose the cookie cutter you want to use sit it on the cake where you want the design to be and fill it in with the color of icing that you want the design to be. For instance, the cookie cutter design is a star. You may want to use yellow icing to give the star a warm bright glow. The cookie cutter can be filled in with a spatula and smoothed over or it can be filled in using decorative squirting tips, which have their own design, and a squeezing fill icing bag.

You can use a resealing sandwich bag to put icing in. Snip a bottom corner so that you can squeeze the icing out. When the icing is gone you can rinse the bag and fill it with another color or if there is icing left you can add another color icing to make a new color. Swirl the two colors together by spatula or spoon in the bag to make the new color.

The cookie cutter design can be outlined using squirting tips and icing bags inside the cookie cutter or outside to make it larger in a singular layer or layered upward leaving the center open or you can fill the center in using a single layer or layered upward.

Other things you can do to make your cake shine is in the creation of rivers, mountains and hills. When you have iced your cake in the regular spread, a comb lightly raked through icing can create an instant river in one wavy sweep. Just make sure to use a washed clean comb. You can fill in the waves with blue icing by following the waves with the squirting tips and icing bag. Highlight the waves with green and white icing.

Break edible ice cream cones into different size pieces and sit them on the cake. Cover them with green icing for rolling hills. Stack several pieces of the cone to make mountains Cover them with brown and green and blue icing. Highlight the hills and mountains using a combination of colors. White highlights placed at the top may give the appearance of snow or clouds.

Turn an edible ice cream cone upside down and sit it on the cake. Cover it with icing and sprinkle shredded coconut over it so that it will stick to the icing. Decorate the cone with a face for a snowman. If you want to stick shredded fruits or vegetables to the icing for a natural healthy color grate the fruits or vegetables over a cheese grader. The shredded fruits or vegetables will make cute hair for the snowman or they can be dribbled over the cone for an odd design on their own.

The cones once covered can be decorated with doors and windows for houses.

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