Empty thoughts shattered Skulls simplify your life, Seek Penance for your crimes It is never too late. Beg for your forgiveness tell the truths to all your lies. When is the last time you have seen the sun? Has it been too long since you have sang a happy song? If you were to sing a song now how would it sound? Would it be in spite of your accusers? would it be in anger for those who keep you hidden from the rising sun? Or would it be mournful and dwelling on mistakes of the past. Sing Now for me dear prisoner, sing of your eventual freedom from this place. Sing now of the moon beams dancing upon her face. Sing now of the suns warm forgotten embrace. Sing prisoner in all of your rotten and forgotten disgrace. Sing now or suffocate, sing now before I go Irate. Sing of almost forgotten things. Sing of the never ending screams. Sing Now of long lost dreams. Sing of the flowers that bloom. Sing now of your impending doom. Sing now dear prisoner in the land of the dead. Sing now sweet prisoner only in my head.

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