Singapore – for Everything You Ever Wanted on a Holiday

If there is one word that can describe Singapore, it has to be “dynamic”. The city is always moving and is a perfect metaphor for an international metropolis. It has excellently developed facilities for tourist convenience such as accommodation to suit different budget levels, local travel facilities, international travel facilities and guided tours of the region. In your Singapore holiday, food will be a thing to remember because the restaurants in the country offer multi-cuisine dishes that are cooked to perfection and served expertly.

A tour package to Singapore will give you glimpses of the Chinese, India, and Malay cultures, in addition to a large helping of Western influence. The multicultural influence on the land makes it rich in places of worship for several religions. You can find temples, mosques, churches and Buddhist places of worship in abundance, the festivals in Singapore are also celebrated by all religions and cultures, be it the Chinese New Year, Diwali, Christmas or Buddhist festivals. Singapore holiday will leave you enthralled with the best of all worlds.

Singapore has a rich history. From the rule of the Malay kings, Singapore was passed on to the British. Singapore is a name derived from two words – Singa and Pura. Singa means lion and Pura means region. So, Singapore is the region of the lion. In keeping with the name is the national symbol of the land, the Merlion, which is a sculpture that is half lion and half fish. In your Singapore package, you can see this famous sculpture, which is the face of Singapore.

Shopping in Singapore is an out of the world experience. Being a major metropolis, a flight junction and a hot spot for international tourism, Singapore houses every international band in its luxurious and sparkling malls. However, shopping in Singapore is expensive. You can try some of the local stores that sell locally made handicrafts and clothes. They are cost effective and a great way to take memoirs of your Singapore holiday back home.

A tour package to Singapore can be of different kinds. You can choose among a number of sightseeing packages that can either be inclusive of round the country tour or be specific on a particular region. You can experience a wealth of clubbing and partying after spending the day exploring this little but power packed country. In addition, your Singapore package can be cruise experience and you get to travel round the Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean for an enchanting sea ride.

Singapore is one of the safest tourist destinations in Asia with efficient security in place. It is also a place that offers something to hold on to forever for everybody. Be it honeymooners, children or single travelers, Singapore package is tailor made for all. Spending money on a tour package to Singapore will be a decision that you will never regret.

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