Six Homemade All Occasion Gifts Under $5

With the holiday season approaching, these homemade gifts are the perfect choice for those on a tight budget. Gifts made with love and creativity are the most cherished presents a person can receive. These homemade crafts are also perfect if you need a secret Santa gift, special present for a teacher, or something special to fill your stockings. These gifts would also be great choices for any special occasion. Just have fun putting your creative touch and love into each homemade gift you make.

Oven Mitt Cookie Basket

I found that most dollar stores have a great selection of oven mitts perfect for making this homemade gift. I stuff the oven mitt 3/4 full with newspaper. I make a batch of homemade cookies, then wrap them in clear wrap. Place the cookies or any homemade treats inside the mitt. Hang a gift tag from the loop of the mitt. This is a great homemade gift for anyone this holiday season. This homemade gift is also a great choice for a housewarming present.

Bead and Lace Pin

Weave a piece of floral wire across the top of a gathered piece of lace that is approximately five inches in length. Twist the wire ends together. This will form a lace flower. I evenly spread the lace around the wire once the wires are secure. Cut any beaded necklaces or bracelets that you no longer wear. Glue these beads to the center of the lace flower with a glue gun. Glue a pin back to the center, back of the lace flower. Any women that loves jewelery will love this pin.

Decorative Bookmarks

Cut a piece of ribbon that is approximately nine inches in length. Sew a decorative button to one end of the ribbon. Fold the other end of the ribbon under. Glue this bookmark hem with a glue gun. These pretty and decorative bookmarks are the perfect gift choice for a teacher, or for those who love to read.

Mini Victorian Flower Pot Arrangements

Paint the rim of a miniature flower pot white, then sprinkle the rim with glitter. Place a Victorian sticker centered on the front of the flower pot. Glue a piece of floral foam inside the pot. Glue flowers to the foam so that it forms a mini full arrangement. These look adorable in that small area of the home that just needs a little something.

Recipe Card Holder

Make a thin slit across a small piece of wood. Paint or stain the piece of wood. Stencil a small design on the front of the wood. Slide a recipe card in the slit. It will perfectly hold your recipe while you are busy mixing. This is a great gift for baker, chef or restaurant owner.

Lace Sachet

Fold a small piece of lace in half right sides together. Sew down the side and bottom of the lace piece. Turn the lace piece inside out so that the right side is showing, and the hems are inside the sachet. Fill the sachet with a beautifully scented potpourri. Tie a pretty ribbon around the top of the sachet. Glue a silk flower centered on the ribbon. These homemade sachets are great placed in a closet or drawer.

The fun thing about creating these gifts is the personal touch you can add to customize it for that special someone. I always make a few extra gifts because you never know when you will need that last minute present.

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