Skip Commercial Ads on Videos on YouTube

YouTube is one of the most popular website on the internet with millions of daily visits. We all use this website to watch and enjoy music videos online. But YouTube is now turned to a TV channel with annoying video commercials just before the video starts. This sometimes becomes irritating when the internet is slow. And a long commercial is more irritating. No one wants to see these commercials. But there is no option to skip these commercial ads. YouTube has also disabled the fast forward options while playing commercials. We have to watch full commercial ad video if we want to watch the original video.

But every problem has a solution in this technology world. There is a nice trick which helps users to skip these annoying commercial ads on YouTube. This trick is a nice Google Chrome Extension which is available for free.

Follow these steps to skip commercial ads on YouTube videos

Start Google Chrome web browser in your system.
Click on the link and install the Skip ads on YouTube – No illegal block extension in your Google Chrome web browser.
Now go to YouTube website and play any video.
You will see a blue circle icon just above the video at right side.
Click on this blue button each time you wish to skip the commercial ads. This will skip the commercial and start playing the video you want to enjoy.

This extension is not illegal because it does not do anything illegal. It is just providing users a way to skip the commercial ads. They can still see the commercials if they wish. But this extension also has a paid version which do this skip process automatically. This paid version is available on the developer’s website. This paid version is not available on the store because this is illegal and will be removed by the Google. You can buy this paid version of you do not want to click each time to skip the commercial ads.

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