Smaller Workouts Equal Bigger Weight Loss

Did you know that studies show that women who work out 4 times a day in 10 minute intervals lose up to 30% more weight than women who work out just once for 40 minutes a day? What?! Mini workouts are actually better for you than working out (and working your butt off) in just one slam session?! Hot damn, this is the best news EVER!

Why the mini workout as opposed to the total sweat fest? The answer lies in metabolism. When a woman works out several times a day in short sessions, her metabolism is given a steady boost that lasts longer, therefore burning more calories. Think about it- what gives you more energy all day long, mini meals throughout the day or just one big nosh at dinner? Choose the latter and you’ll be too weak all day long to do much of anything besides think of food. Your metabolism is the same way- it would rather burn calories all day long in a helpful fashion than just once being poked in the butt to get moving.

What’s even cooler about smaller workouts is that your metabolism gets a permaboost – your metabolism trains itself to more steadily burn off your calories all day long because it’s more frequently in motion to burn that it is when you just work out once a day. So not only are you working out but not getting exhausted, but you’re actually giving your metabolism a day-long jumpstart – and burning more calories for it! Plus, your metabolism is more likely to remain at that higher burning point at rest than it would be if you just worked out in one long session. This means, you have a higher metabolism even when you’re not working out.

Pretty cool, huh? So don’t feel guilty if you prefer to break up your workouts because more than a few minutes at a time just sounds nauseating. Hey, 3 15 minute workouts that you enjoy actually equals more weight loss than one major workout that leaves you wanting to die of exhaustion. Yay, finally some good news- taking it easy with your workouts is actually more of a reward than slamming your butt off!


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