Smartphone Review: Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

Smartphones are becoming the staple of mobile communications. Compared to the earliest cellular phones released more than a decade ago, you can simply say that these smartphones aren’t just mobile phones anymore. They do way more than what we can expect from a mobile phone. There are probably hundreds of smartphones out there and it’s usually a dilemma which to buy. Prices change and new models are released every now and then. Among the myriad of models, here comes the new Samsung Galaxy Y (Young) S5360. How will it fare among the best in its class? Let’s find out.

One of Samsung Galaxy Y’s most attractive features is its operating system. It is running on Android 2.5.3 Gingerbread. It’s one of the more advanced Android versions and it has really neat features like the Android market and a myriad of settings that allows you to set up your phone according to your needs. You can install different applications from the Android Market from games to word processing software and most of them are free. All you need is an internet connection.

The Galaxy Y sports a 3-inch full touch screen and a very elegant yet simple slim black design with a silver back flap. It also reacts accurately to your fingers. It has a 180 MB internal memory which is enough for simple applications. The good thing here is that since it is running on Android 2.5.3, you can install applications to the memory card which usually has a much bigger storage capacity. It has a 2 megapixel camera and a loud speaker. It also comes with an FM radio player.

The most important feature of a smartphone is its connectivity options. It has 2G/3G for texting and data packets. It can use Wi-Fi connections so you can surf the internet while on the go. For simple file transfers, you have the Bluetooth available. And of course, you can connect the phone to your computer through USB.

The Galaxy Y is also able to play your favorite MP3 files and watch good quality movies. Do not expect to be able to play those high definition blu-ray quality movies though. But then, you won’t get disappointed with the quality. You just have to convert the videos properly if it’s in a different format. The software, Saumsung Kies, which can be able to do that, comes with the phone so no worries there. You can also download it on the internet.

The only real downside to this phone is its camera. Last year, Samsung’s Galaxy 5 was probably the top seller Android phone in its class. It was just plagued by its poor camera both in resolution and picture quality. The camera on the Galaxy Y seems to be just the same as the old camera on Galaxy 5. It’s enough for simple picture but if you want better picture quality, you will be disappointed.

The Samsung Galaxy Y is pretty new. It was released just last October and based on the cell phone market here in Manila; it’s one of the most famous and most sought after phone model. At roughly 6,000 pesos or around $142, it is one of the cheapest and most reliable Android smartphone thus far. It is very much available and for this holiday season, prices may even go further down.

So if you’re thinking of bumping up from the conventional mobile phone to a smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 is a really good choice. Its price for its feature is most likely way more than what you could ask for a smartphone.


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