So a Man in a Coma Wakes Up

Man is in a coma-wakes up

“How is the land of the free” he asks

” We have more people in jail than any other nation”

“Oh, well at least we have the best standard of living”

“No, we have almost ten percent unemployment.”

“But at least a man can call his home his castle”

“Over 1.2 million homes will be repossessed this year.”

“Hey but we still have the best health care in the world.”

“Actually we rank 37th in the world.”

“What? Next you’re going to tell me we are at war”

“Nope, two wars”

“Gosh, but hey, nobody can beat our education system.”

“The educational systems that outperformed the United States in fourth-grade mathematics included Chinese Taipei, England, Hong Kong SAR, Japan, Kazakhstan, Latvia, the Russian Federation, and Singapore…”

“Yeah, yeah…but I am proud to be an American. Nothing like our companies that dominate the world. GM, Chrysler….”

“Hmm, we used over 110 billion to bail out the car companies…”

“Can it get any worse? Tell me at least our fundamental financial system is sound..”

” If you don’t count the 200 billion we used to bail out the banks”

“What is the cost of gas?”

“About four dollars a gallon”

“Man, with news this bad, you’d think they would be camping out, protesting in the streets.”

“They are…”

“Wow, what is the movement called?”

“The Occupy Movement”

“The Occupy Movement?”

“Yes, we want people with brains and not greed to occupy Wall Street, Congress, Banks..”

“Is there any good news?”

“McDonald’s brought back McRibs…”

“Hey, can you do me a favor…”

“Sure buddy”

“Hit me real hard on the head. I think I want to go back in my coma.”

“Sorry buddy, can’t do that. Only Congress is in a coma these days. You have to get up and apply for a job at WalMart like the rest of us.”

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