So You Want to Be a Nurse?

So, you want to become a nurse?
The first thing I suggest is to research the medical field to be sure it is something you truly are inspired to do before you take the plunge. It is unfortunate but not uncommon for individuals to spend years becoming an RN with no prior medical exposure only to find that they hate nursing and have wasted precious time and money. If you cringe at the site of blood, can’t handle bodily fluids and hate paperwork this job may not be for you.
I believe that the best way to determine if the nursing field is the right fit is to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant prior to nursing school. The certification process is not difficult or time consuming. The amount of school needed is minimal (depending on you geographic location) and the benefits are well worth it. I became a CNA before going to nursing school to be sure it was a career that I could handle both emotionally and physically. This also gave me first hand insight as to how each discipline functioned both independently and as a team. Working in a nursing home was a huge eye opener to the different kinds of personalities nursing attracts and the type of nurse I wanted to be.
Okay-you did your research, worked in the trenches as a CNA and decided that it is the job for you, now what? First of all, congratulations! You have probably busted your butt (but hopefully not your back) dealt with more fecal matter than you have ever seen, and have been introduced to smells you had never imagined-and still you want to pursue a medical career?! Great! You have graduated to the next step….school and how the heck am I going to pay for it……

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