Sofia Vergara’s Pricey Globes Style

While she always looks like a million bucks, tonight Sofia Vergara’s red carpet look carries an even heftier price tag. To complement her Vera Wang gown, the “Modern Family” actress sparkled on the red carpet in more than $5 million of jewelry by Harry Winston, catapulting her to the top of the list of the most expensive red carpet Golden Globes styles.

Vergara sported earrings, two bracelets, and two rings on loan from the Harry Winston collection, including the 62.72-carat “Mrs. Winston” bracelet and the 31.58-carat “Mrs. Winston” earrings. Although her $5 million style may sound record breaking, last year a fellow Latin lady matched it. Last January, Jennifer Lopez stepped out in $5 million worth of jewelry, wearing earrings worth $3 million alone! (Lopez must also have a good friend in Harry Winston, who provided her jewels.)

Vergara, who like Lopez is also known for her curves, said she hit the gym twice a day to prepare for the red carpet. “I like dresses that zip and they close,” she told E! “I don’t have to have long fittings to transform them to my body.” She no doubt loved that the jewelry was just as easy to slip on.

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