Solar Laptop Charger Buying Guide

Going green? Thinking about a solar laptop charger? If you are like most laptop computer owners, you enjoy using your notebook (or netbook) because it is movable. Sustaining a fully charged laptop can be a challenge, however, particularly if you are without access to electricity. With a solar laptop charger, you can take your computer anywhere. All you need is sunshine.

Whether you are curious about green energy options, or simply want more portability, a solar laptop charger is a smart buy. Prior to shopping for a solar charger, it is essential to recognize the facts about solar-powered chargers. Once you do a bit of research, you will discover that solar laptop chargers are excellent alternatives to conventional batteries.


Go online and do a little research. Just do a quick search for “solar laptop charger” or related terms. Take a moment to click on some results. You might see sponsored links for some specific products, as well as shopping guides. You will probably also see listings of solar chargers posted on review sites, such as top 10 lists. View the product descriptions and prices. Get acquainted with what’s out there.


Decide what type of portability you want. There are many product styles and configurations. Some solar laptop chargers roll like mats, while others are shaped like briefcases. Still, others fold up flat like books. Think about where you will be using the charger. That will help you choose.


Determine how much power you need. Ideally, you will be looking for a 14-watt output or greater to charge a laptop. Solar chargers use different technologies to transform sunlight into energy – and that means different outputs. The power produced by the charger (and the time it takes to charge your laptop) will also depend on the quality of sunlight. Again, think of where you will be using it.


Decide how much you would like to spend. Solar laptop chargers vary in design, power and technology. They also differ in price. Since 2008, when solar laptop chargers were introduced, the prices have dropped somewhat. Nevertheless, they still remain expensive. Compare prices carefully and shop around.

Compatibility with Macs

Not all solar laptop chargers are compatible with Macs. If you have an Apple computer, you may need to buy an Apple-related solar laptop charger or an appropriate adapter. Just add the terms “Mac” and “Apple” during your online search to find these products.

Helpful Tips

Buy from a reputable electronics store that sells solar energy products. If buying online, be sure the seller has an excellent customer satisfaction rating. Use common sense.

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