Some Thoughts in Poetry


Sometimes I think that the world is filled with self-centered and unappreciative individuals, but then I thought am I any different

What if there is someone watching you outside the coffee shop now thinking the exact same thing

Is that wild and outrageous person experimenting and doing all sorts of fun things my alter ego or is it the brilliant rich character with the phony friends

Am I meant to be significant in someone’s life or will I be the average Joe sitting next you on the bus

My thoughts sometimes are shocking and frightening

That could have been me on that derailed train reading the paper headed to work or if that bank what have been robbed 30 minutes ago would I have survived

Is that person taking pictures of me, if so why

Are they thinking of harming me or my love one’s

Are there others like me or am I alone in this world that has these thoughts about life


Do you have any?

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