St. Patrick’s Day Coloring Pages

St. Patrick’s Day is a magical holiday for kids! From leprechauns to shamrocks to pots of gold, coloring pages are a great way for your children to express themselves while learning about Irish tradition. I’ve selected some of the best coloring pages that are sure to capture the imaginations of your wee ones. These pictures are printable and free. Just click on the links below and let the fun begin!

Coloring Page #1

This is a funny picture of a leprechaun sitting in his pot of gold! His pot of gold even has a window on it. He’s so happy to have the gold that he’s throwing pieces of it in the air. He has a cute hat on with a shamrock on the front.

Coloring Page #2

This is an adorable picture of a smiling leprechaun wearing a hat. Underneath the leprechaun are the words “Happy St. Patrick’s Day”. Your kids can color these words in to give the picture a finishing touch.

Coloring Page #3

Here we have a picture of a little leprechaun standing on a mushroom. He is holding a shamrock and has pointed shoes on, sure to capture your children’s imaginations. He’s holding his hands out as if to say, “Hey everyone, look at me”.

Coloring Page #4

This leprechaun is happy, happy, happy! It looks as though he’s jumping up in the air with sheer joy!

You can print out these St. Patrick’s Day coloring pages and staple them together to make a coloring book. Perhaps encourage your kids to make a cover page and staple it to the top of the book. These characters can be cut out once they’re colored in. With the help of a little glue, they become cool stickers to decorate books or folders.

Print these pages out anytime and surprise your children with this fun St. Patrick’s Day activity. They’ll thank you.

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