Starbucks’ Bistro Box Review: Cheese and Fruit

How Healthy Is The Bistro Box?
Starbucks’ cheese and fruit bistro box is possibly one of the most healthy bistro boxes available. Containing brie, Gouda, cheddar cheese, nine-grain crackers, a sliced green apple and a cup of dried cranberries and roasted almonds, the cheese and fruit bistro box offers a filling supply of healthy food. Though this Starbucks lunchbox does contain 480 calories and 44 percent of the necessary daily intake of fat, the fats and most of the calories come from the cheese. You’re going to consume much more than 480 calories and much more fat in a day, so getting them from a selection of cheese will still keep you healthy.

Other healthy nutrients in the bistro box was 15 percent of your daily recommended vitamin A and Iron, 35 percent the recommended amount of calcium and 6 percent of your recommended vitamin C. I was surprised the Starbucks bistro box also had 18 grams of protein, as I typically do not associated protein with the bistro box’s contents. This may be a healthy alternative to protein if you don’t want a huge meaty sandwich for lunch. Lastly, I was happy to find Starbuck’s cheese and fruit bistro box also had 24 percent of the recommended daily intake of fiber. As cheese may make it more difficult for some to use the restroom, this is a healthy inclusion indeed.

The only offender of the cheese and fruit Starbucks’ bistro box are the .5 grams of trans-fats included. Not to long ago, trans-fats received a widespread ban due to their absence of nutritional value and immense health risk. Therefore, Starbucks’ cheese and fruit bistro box is a tad less healthy than it may appear at a glance, but is still a rather healthy lunch option.

How Did the Bistro Box Taste?
Everything about the Starbucks’ cheese and fruit bistro box was pleasant. There were nine crackers, so I had enough to eat them with all the cheese and snack on some on their own. The apple was crunchy and mildly sour, the cheese was tasteful without being overbearing, and the cranberries went very well with the almonds. Everything in the cheese and fruit bistro box complimented everything else perfectly and I thought I was eating a healthy, upscale lunch.

What Was The Bistro Box’s Price vs. Quality?
Starbucks’ cheese and fruit bistro box is only $4.95 plus tax. Considering the bistro box contains three different kinds of cheese, nine-grain crackers, roasted almonds and cranberries, and an apple, this is actually a great deal for the price. Trying to spend about $5 on lunch will tend to yield less healthy, or classy results, so I found the price to be especially fair. However, if you are extremely hungry, the cheese and fruit bistro box may not be for you. While it provides a good lunch if you’ve had a proper breakfast, the Starbucks’ cheese and fruit bistro box is sold as a “snack” rather than an entree.


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