State, Private, and Community College Costs in New York

The cost per semester varies depending on the institution that you attend. After reading this article readers will have a better understanding of the costs while attending college in New York, also individuals can perform the same research within their own State, so that they can get a better understanding of the tuition costs where they live.According to the main C.U.N.Y website ( the averaged full-time student pays $2,800 per semester with an average of 46,109 full-time students. According to the main S.U.N.Y website ( the averaged full-time student pays $5,270 per semester with an average of 221,686 full-time students. According to the The Higher Education System: Structures online the averaged full-time student pays $17,800 per semester with an average of 467,845 full-time students.

The most popular majors at CUNY Colleges include: Engineering; Psychology; Social Sciences; Visual and Performing Arts; and Biological and Biomedical Sciences. Which is the cheapest way to get a College education because studies show that students from Community Colleges are more prepared for the workforce, because while in school, students are exposed to real-life situations that are apart of the job market. On the other hand (S.U.N.Y) offers a range of new and emerging fields such as public policy, nanotechnology, globalization, documentary studies, biotechnology and informatics. However Students who attend State Colleges are caught in the middle, simply because a percentage of students spend their entire College life on campus, which doesn’t allow the individual to interact with society on a daily basis. The other percentage of Students who commute from home to School out-of-state tend to get the exposer, but fail to gradute because of the extra expense of commuting back-and-forth everyday. Private institutions offer more state-of-the-art facilities including a brand new libraries and new facilities for its electrical engineering, computer science and computer engineering programs. Due to the fact that students who graduate from private Colleges enter the job market with no skills, while trying to use the schools name to get into the door, employers find these individuals to be over qualified, because they perphaps have the right education but no skills and or experience. Employers are never happy to invest more money into training an individual who just graduated out of College, as a result students who attend Community Colleges are more favorable simply because they learn more, by working while in school, and even being exposed to different people while commuting everyday.

As an undergrad I attended Kingsborough Community College, New York City College of Technology, and Borough of Manhattan Community College. I must say that through the years of attending Community Colleges, I have seen a growth in the amount of student enrollment in the last 3 years. I met a lot of people while enrolled in the CUNY system and almost all of them attended a private College at some point and dropped out because of the high tuition cost. I have also noticed that Community Colleges are so over-crowded to a point that the (CUNY) College system has to change their registration deadline months in advance to accommodate the over flow of prospective Students.

I predict that private Colleges will decline to a point where they will be extinct, the smaller Community Colleges will continue to grow, as online classes will soon be the standard way of getting a College education.

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