The Struggle: An Inspirational Poem to Those Who Feel Alone

There outside with the early morning dew

I stopped and thought for a little while.

For the time I have will soon be through,

But of this I remain in denial.

There come moments when things are to end;

I see them all in a mirror of this nation.

For all of the struggles and pains may never mend,

But give up I can’t, despite the temptation.

There persists an everlasting sadness.

I can’t seem to find a solution

For the aches and sorrow stemming from this madness,

But try my best I will, to clear this pollution.

But now I see that all hope did not depart,

For I am not alone in this long, hard war.

I, from my friends and family, am not apart.

There, to be in their presence is what I live for.

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