The Top 5 Most Popular Pit Bull Songs of 2011

Pit Bull has been featured by so many artists this year that I am starting to have hallucinations and see him reflected in my soup too. But, there must be a good reason why he has turned into the hottest rapper of the decade, as I could almost call him the Midas of music. Get a Pit Bull’s grunt recorded and you can bet is a hit.

Maybe is because he is always finding matches with the hottest singers of the moment, or maybe because he has a nick for catchy songs, I’d like to think that it is because his lyrics are funny because I would also like to make money like Seacrest.
5. – Chris Brown featuring Pit Bull -Where do we go from here? In his effort to reinvent his career after some really bad press due to his relationship with Rhianna, Chris Brown seeks Pit Bull’s blessings in this song, maybe this time around he’ll get a break from all the drama he created in the past couple of years.

4.-Pit Bull Featuring Akon -Mr Right Now. Akon has been my one of my favorite artist; however, in this song he sounds pretty much the same as his prior songs but no one can’t deny him the right to make catchy songs.

3.-Shakira featuring Pit Bull -Rabiosa. No soul can desist at the opportunity to shake some hips with this sexy Latin song, and you can’t deny yourself the opportunity to roll some r’s singing along.

2. – Marc Anthony and Pit Bull -Rain Over Me. Even though Marc Anthony continued with his Spanish career in a relatively successful manner, this song has been his resurrection to the Anglo-Saxon market.

1. – Jennifer Lopez featuring Pit Bull -On the Floor. This Lambada remake could not have been chosen at any better moment. Jennifer Lopez who had managed to be on top of her game this year with new album, clothing line, and her famous position as an American Idol judge, has also managed to team up with Pit Bull and make one of the best dance songs of the year.

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