The Struggles of an Ordinary Family

The economy has been going down hill for a while. The government says we are recovering from a recession. I do believe some people are finally getting out of trouble and getting new jobs. However, that is hard to believe when until recently my family has been relatively untouched by the ‘recession.’

I thank God we have not had to struggle; however, when the recession finally hit us and I lost my job, we are worried about losing everything. One month and we can’t pay any utilities and still be able to feed our two children and keep a place to live. I have called all places for help with the bills to no avail. These agencies who offer help will not help until you really are on the verge of eviction and having everything turned off. I see the advantage of this, but I do not want to get that bad off. It is bad enough that I don’t know how my children will have a Christmas. I would hate for us to lose everything in addition to no Christmas. Honestly, I do not think it will get that bad, even though that is my husband’s and my fear.

I know many people who are reading this are saying why not get out and find another job. In theory, that would be great. I have spent my time looking for other jobs. I have found there are a lot of jobs out there. Unfortunately, most of those jobs require a special certification or degree that I do not possess. The majority of the jobs out there are in the medical field, which is not a good thing for someone who just about passes out every time she sees blood or throws up at the sight/smell of bodily fluids. Others jobs I feel I could do seem to not want me either for over qualification or something I do not know.

Now I could get a job making minimum wage, which would be perfectly fine, except there are no jobs in my area that are available. Not to mention I would have to pay for a baby sitter and gas if I did get one, so what am I working for after those are paid?

So, I have applied for every job I can find. I have not gotten anything yet. The only thing that has opened up for me is modeling and acting, which still has not been fruitful yet. I have had several auditions, and I am still waiting for a call back for one. I am enjoying the classes and auditions. I only hope it starts producing money soon. But, in the meantime, I am doing everything I can to help my husband make money.

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