The Summer Cycle

As a child summer was freedom,

Bound to books and lessons,
You count down days till the summer season,

Time to picnic at the park,
Wearing shorts after sundown,
During dark.

Building sandcastles as you hum,
Patriotic tunes because summer is fun.

Now you’ve grown,
Your grey hairs apparent, it’s known.

No need to grumble,
Because the boundless joys of summer,
Will come again…

As a parent summer’s joys are tenfold.
Waking up early not for work, but to a smile,
With your child,
Outweighs the signs of getting old.

Flying kites and splashing pools,
It is only once a year,
Parent’s take a vacation, put away your tools,
Avoid pondering pending presentations,
And without hesitation,
take a vacation.

For soon your child will,
Be grown,
And start,

The permanent smiles,
Of enjoying countless
Summer memories.

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