Those Valentine’s Day Ads – Are Baaaccckkk

OK, everyone. Valentin’s Day is almost here – and those ads you can take out in the local newspaper are calling you. Now, why not give it a shot? You just may make someone very happy – corny or not!

You could say – Roses are Blue, Violets are White, You are my Loved one, day and night.

OK – you can do better. I know you can!

How about – Daffys are yellow, This is for you. You are my fellow. That much is true!

Now, come on – you can out-do me. Try it and I think you will have a loved one sitting by you on Valentine’s Day – maybe over a lovely dinner in a quiet restaurant – reading the newspaper page and saying – “You wrote this?” I love it! Thank you.

Get your thoughts together and try it. – And, by-the-way, let me know how it goes!

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