Tim Tebow: Keep Pushing Your Love for the Lord

Oh, the ESPN mouth pieces trying to rally around Tim Tebow, now that he has ignited fire around his teammates. Not that the other quarterbacks wasn’t doing the same. Oh, how former layer like Jake Plummer thinks, he needs to lower his reverence of loving Christ because many jocks probably never attended church when they was skipping through college or universities. We knows these players greatly because they seems to have a problem, with a sincere player like Tebow loving the Lord.

Last , I checked there isn’t a rule monitoring worshipping Christ. Maybe, those adulters, drug abusers, wife beaters, child makers needs to get a closer relationship with Christ. Sure, the Lord can only guide you to a better character which comes, from making the right decision, from him speaking to that individual.

Why? Would you think players like Jake Plummer is scare , of Tim Tebow placing Christ, at the center of his success that has guided this yung man before football. After all, his father is a pastor. And most good led preacher kids stay true to God’s message.

A good shepard of God words wold be delighting behind Tebow, as supporters just because it seems loving God enough to express it public intimidate many. When loving God shouldn’t intimidate anyone. Oh, it great to dance foolishly, get accused of allegations, of raping students. But, it’s blasphemy to the fools that complains simply because of Tim Tebow bowing to Christ.

At, first the mouth pieces, of former players was allagainst Tebow being a worthy individual, of NFL football. Now they like the ignorant fan that booed the quarterback, at first. Only to wants to joined the faithful believers when he bought the team back to a win. Now, if he was honoring Satan, you can et that Jake Plummer would be crying loudly about that. At present, you might say Tebow has attracted more press than Plummer did with his small success, as a player.

God message scares many. But, it’s there for everyone to read and adore.

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