Tips on Throwing a Wrestling Theme Halloween Party

Do you have a wrestling fan in your home? Would he love the idea of having a wrestling theme Halloween party? Would you love the challenging of actually throwing one? It really isn’t all that hard. You just need to know a little bit about the world of wrestling and have a bit of imagination. Here are some tips to help you.


Invitations should state that this is a wrestling theme Halloween party and that is the type of costume required. Then nobody will feel out of place if they show up wearing a bunny costume. Also, be sure to double check the date, time and address on the invitation to make sure they all are correct.


Costumes don’t have to expensive. They don’t even have to be all store bought. You basically just need the right colors of tanks, shorts and some paint. Of course, some accessories can really pull off the look. For instance, if you want to dress up like The Undertaker, wear a long black wig, put on some black pants, a black tank and a long black coat. If you can, add a black hat. If you want to look like the classic Hulk Hogan, you should add a yellow and red bandana to a yellow tee-shirt and shorts. If you purchase some fake muscles at the local dollar store you have a complete outfit.


You can start with some basic trivia questions. Ask questions about the stars, the matches and their rankings. Use the computer, and Wiki for help on these.

If you happen to have a collection of WWE matches on tape or DVD, now would be the perfect time to play them. Have the best ones handy.

Host a costume contest. Is any Halloween party complete without one of these?

Food And Drinks

What should you serve that is related to your theme?

Gummy worms (in honor of The Boogeyman) Fruit punch Red Velvet Cake (in honor of Kane) Tombstone Brand Pizza (in honor of The Undertaker) Lots and lots of your favorite Halloween candy

Yes, these are all simple ideas for a simple and fun WWE wrestling theme party. It is also ideas that is sure to make your party a hit.

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