Tired of Being Ripped; Bank of America to Charge Five Dollar Debit Card Usage Fee

Talk about a big bank rip off, Bank of America has found a way to add salt to the wounds of an already skeptical customer base; the scam is a $5 debit card monthly fee for using your own hard earned money.

Starting in January 2012, you will be assessed the monthly fee and according to CNN money,” Whether you use your card for one purchase a month or 20.”


Another money grabbing ploy by banks that have become a symbol of unfair monetary politics in America, many people are actually fed up with this swindling of funds.

Should we pay to use our money?

Debit card usage saves the banks billions, and that should be enough of a fee. Before the advent of electronic point of sale banks had to deal with hard currency, which is expensive to handle and transport and also consumers are less likely to spend hard cash than swipe and go.

It is our money.

Banks already have many hidden fees lurking around as surcharges, service fees and fancy Nancy terms, so do we really another one?


Wait, maybe the CEOs want a bigger bonus next year, the prices of private jet fuel and yachts are going up, so pay up like you always do.

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