To Think

Life is wonderful.

Other words that I would use, but are not limited to, include

beautiful, colorful, graceful, amazing.

The fire inside me burning quietly,

is this the same for every living being?

I look through those fragile windows to the soul of your inner living that is, your eyes.

I gain the kind of high that cannot be described, God let your grace full down upon me.

This is not suffering, this is not torture,

this is a New World Order.

It’s based on peace, love, emotion, exploring.

Lets put down the guns, this fighting, it’s boring.

This is not sacrilegious, it is not fictitious, we can make it a reality!

All that we really need is some empathy.

The ability to see past the unfortunate past and be free.

Let go of the chains that bind you and me, I decree

Let this be the start of a new beginning.

Whether you see your life happily, tearfully,

jokingly or fearfully.

If you live in pain, if you painfully live,

please don’t forget what you’ve got to give.

You have to search within you.

I cannot control my environment but I am the sole owner of my life or death.

I do not own you or him or her or them, but I am responsible for my decisions.

I forgive all those around me who have wronged me, hated me, made fun of me, or betrayed me.

It’s alright, because deep down inside, the flame is the same,

and I refuse to get tied down by shame.

It’s time to break free of this vicious cycle.

Tune in every evening, and pay tribute to American Idol.

I’m going to make a change

because I will never lose control of me.

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