Top 5 Worst Gardening Mistakes

If you are considering taking up gardening as a hobby, you need to be aware that it is not as easy as it looks. Growing a garden can be just as difficult as raising a child. Here are the top 5 mistakes that I have made in my garden.

#1. Planting To Close To Other Plants – This is a big one because it’s easy to do without even knowing it. Certain plants need to have a lot of space and some can be planted just a few inches apart. Make sure you know which kind you are planting. If you make the mistake of planting something that needs a lot of room to grow to close to other plants, the roots can potentially tangle, choke each other, and your plant will not thrive as it would have otherwise.

#2. Nutrient Burn – This can happen especially when using pre-mixed fertilizers and chemical fertilizers. If you give your plants too much, the leaves will turn brown and you can even kill the plant. Another leading cause of nutrient burn is spraying nutrients on the leaves directly. Never ever spray the leaves with nutrients because it will kill your plants.

#3. Over Watering – If you have an indoor garden it is much easier to over water your plants than it is outdoors. Many people do not recognize the droopy look as over watering, so they add more water and compound the problem. When plants have too much water the leaves will droop. By picking up the pot, you can feel how heavy it is. If it is light they need water, but if it is heavy, they have plenty.

#4. Not Enough Growing Space – This tip is mostly for indoor gardeners. If your pot is too small for your plant to grow, it could become pot bound and will not flower or produce fruit. Make sure your pots are large enough to accommodate your plants.

#5. Not Enough Light – I once attempted to grow Morning Glories inside using artificial light. Unfortunately, it was less than adequate. Make sure you have enough light to grow your plants if you choose to grow them inside.

If you heed the above advice you should be able to avoid at least five of the most common gardening mistakes that most people make.

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