Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Review

There are few games that can make players stop in their tracks and wonder at the time and effort it took to create such a wonderful game, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is one of those games. As a staunch supporter of just about any adventure game, I for one am a fan of this video game for several reasons. The first being the story, though it is not as involved as some video game plots it does offer plenty of chances for mystery and intrigue, two things that I find essential to a good adventure based game. The plot is relatively simple to follow which makes focusing on game play and graphics much easier.

Treasure hunter Nathan Drake is searching for the fabled “Atlantis of the Sands”, a lost city that promises fame and fortune to anyone brave and crafty enough to unearth it. As the journey unfolds Drake finds himself and his mentor, Victor Sullivan struggling against a clandestine organization, who are somewhat Da Vinci Code-esque, with a ruthless leader that is determined to keep their secret no matter what. The quest to find the lost city leads to a struggle between life and death for Drake and he is pushed to his limits in order to survive. I for one have not played the other two Uncharted games but playing this game certainly makes them worth taking a look at.

As I said before, this game is impressive for several reasons, aside from a plot that is both sophisticated and easy to follow; this game has some of the best graphics I have seen. The scenery is vibrant, engaging, captivating, and incredibly progressive. Though the main part of the story takes place in the desert, the game is not limited to this landscape. With graphics as sophisticated as this, you would expect the game to lag and take forever loading but the developers have worked out the kinks to insure smooth play. Another point of interest is the transition between settings and story segments, they were logical and well placed which made for an all-around better experience.

It was incredibly easy to appreciate the unique abilities that were given to each character in this game compared to other adventure games. Rather than simply giving main character Nathan Drake Indiana Jones whip skills and depending wholly on the chase aspects of the game, the designers offered opportunities to utilize problem solving as well as basic game skills like jumping and maneuvering. The puzzle and problems solving aspects of this game were my favorite component over all. This game is by far one of the better adventure/action games that are on the market today and has certainly piqued my interest in the rest of the series.

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