Underneath the clothes you wear
All I want is only there
Beneath the tops and pretty dress
Just to be so interested
Under cotton, under lace
Another moment I can’t wait
Everything to never start
Your beauty has become my art

Underneath the dreams I keep
Every night when I can sleep
Beneath the thoughts I tell myself
Lies something more I don’t know well
Imagining you lie beside
How I want to be inside
If I knew how I’d be so smart
My dreams more true, your role, your part

Underneath my love of lusts
Lies something that you can trust
Beneath the beauty of your name
Something more I wish to claim
Everything I want and more
Just the way you make mine soar
If I could have it in the park
Or for some moments after dark

Underneath all your fear
What you think I am unclear
Beneath your own and family’s lies
Your silence rests with no good bye
Under all you thought was real
Lies someone who only feels
Only love I had sweetheart
To love you, not make a mark

Underneath all I am
Is something you don’t understand
Yes I’m evil; I want to be
But I want you to be with me
Yet what I am is not too smart
And so it was you broke my heart
You can’t see through all my dark
That all I wanted was your heart…

Copyright © 2009, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.

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