Valentines Day Travel Tips

A fun way to spend Valentines day, whether it be romantic, fun or educational, is to travel. Some couples or families take day trips, and others make a weekend out of it. Below find some travel tips for your Valentines adventure.

Don’t Get Stuck on the Date
Valentines Day is February 14th every year, however, it does not always conveniently fall on a Friday or Saturday. Don’t let that stop you from taking a trip or making plans for an overnight. Check out the weekend before or after Valentines Day. Whether it falls on a weekend or not, you may get a better deal or rate. Taking a trip on the weekend before or after Valentines day also means you don’t have to take time off from work.

Try Something New
This is the holiday to try something new like taking a day trip to climb that mountain you have always wanted to climb or traveling to a destination that is unusual. If you do something like this for a birthday or anniversary, and it does not go well, every birthday or anniversary will have that bad memory. For Valentines day, the mood is much lighter, and there’s room for mistakes. You don’t have to go too crazy, so maybe take a trip to the beach where you try parasailing for the first time, but then have dinner at a familiar restaurant.

For the Budget Conscious, Keep it Local
There is probably plenty to do and see in your home town or city. If you are trying to be budget conscious, stay home and find local deals. Hotels in your town probably have dinner and overnight specials, so call, check their website or stop by. Depending where you live, and the weather, you can also take a day trip to the beach or a lake close by, make a picnic and hang out together by the water. If you live where it snows, find a ski package or place you can ice skate to spend a sporty, fun time together. There are so many resources in your home town that you can take advantage of, and Valentines Day is a great time to do it.

Look For Specials
February itself is not usually a big travel time, especially in the US. Valentines Day is a great excuse to travel during February, and since hotels, restaurants and many venues need customers, many of them offer great deals and packages. The earlier you book, the better the deal.
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If you have had a good year, and can afford to really splurge, than Valentines Day is the holiday to do it. Since Valentines is considered a romantic holiday, take a trip to somewhere spectacular like Dubai, which is the City of gold”. It is a once in a lifetime trip with it’s shopping, five star restaurants, beaches, indoor skiing and so much more. Dubai oozes luxury. Paris, New York City, Tuscany and the like are also fantastic destinations where you can indulge your fantasies for any amount of money. You don’t have to do this every year, but it will be a fun surprise or decision for you and your significant other.

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