Vampire Sex Craze Draws a Crowd

Vampires are becoming more seductive and sexier, just over the past few years vampires have become sex symbols. Young people aspiring to have the new sexy vampire look are fond of wearing tight black leather pants, and are often seen driving spots cars and motorbikes. The vampire style has a seductively gothic look with a romantically dark appeal. This phenomenon is far from the early 20th century’s portrayal of the secretive life of vampires. Somehow the metro vampires of today have replaced their low-key graveyard haunting ancestors with plush city apartments and very open social lives.

Whether you hate them, love them or think that they are silly superstitious ancient old wives’ tales, you can’t ignore them. Vampires and vampirism has been on the rise in the media, movies and TV shows such as Twilight, True Blood and Underworld. So why is there a vampire craze, and why are people so interested in them? Of course the entertainment industry is happy to accommodate vampire fans, but are they the ones promoting and constantly resurrecting this vampire craze with movies and novels?

A disturbing fact is that sexologists believe that the libido can be stimulated by experiencing scary moments. For instance, couples who watch horror movies together can find themselves bonding more effectively than other dating activities. Unknowingly women may be drawn to watching horror movies with their boyfriends for this very reason. The curious fascination with vampires, sex, sadism and death is a troubling concern, not only have young people jumped on the vampire wagon, but many middle aged people as well are also dressing and acting the part.

There is definitely an appeal to the never aging and immortal aspect of vampires that attract an older following. There is also the attraction of the supernatural dark powers of vampires and ancient symbolism that lure the curious at heart. But there should be some warning for the curious at heart both young and old, the vampire whether real or not is dependent on man for sustenance. Vampirism promotes the eating of human blood and the taking of life. In reality this goes against all that is right in society and care should be taken not to allow the imagination to run to far away from reality, for fear of not finding a way back.

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