Versatile Peppermint – Use for Christmas Decorating and Party Favors

Swirls of red and white on candy shapes need no flavor description, you know it’s peppermint. The flavor and color scheme has been popular at Christmas time for centuries and incorporating it into Christmas décor is easy, inexpensive and tasty with these ideas.

Peppermint Décor and Candy Gifts

Start a peppermint decorating theme this Christmas by hanging large red and white striped candy canes on the Christmas tree. Pluck the sweet candy off the tree and hand out to visiting guests as they depart. Continue the peppermint candy theme by adding a round peppermint disc to the center of bows on Christmas presents. A dab of hot glue will hold the peppermint disc in place, or if bows are not used on presents, hot glue a small peppermint candy cane to each present.

Christmas Parfait Party Favors

When hosting a Christmas dinner party, create a tasty peppermint display that serves double duty as place card holders and party favors. Start with tall, clear parfait glasses or champagne flutes and fill them halfway with mini marshmallows. Use peppermint candy canes which are taller than the glasses and insert one into each glass, then place one glass on a Holiday dinner napkin at each table setting. Place the name card upright on the glass rim and leaned backed against the candy cane, or tie a red ribbon around the glass and tuck name card into ribbon. Allow each diner guest to take home their peppermint treat as a party favor.

Peppermint Centerpiece for Table

Create this whimsical winter display from peppermint and marshmallows as use a centerpiece for a Christmas dinner table. Create a base with a large red serving tray, then create two or three mini peppermint Christmas trees by hot gluing unwrapped peppermint discs to Styrofoam Christmas tree shapes (six inches to one foot tall, vary the tree heights). Place peppermint Christmas trees on red serving tray, then place small square block of Styrofoam on tray and insert the stick ends of several red and white striped peppermint lollipops into the Styrofoam block. Cover the tray bottom with mini marshmallows or cut large marshmallows into smaller, uneven pieces (to mimic snow), making sure to hide all Styrofoam. After the Holiday meal, give the peppermint lollipops to the children gathered around the Christmas dinner table.

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