Virgo 2012 Year Ahead Forecasts

There is a little tension suggested as 2012 begins so count to ten before saying anything and be polite when your boss or an older person tries to interfere in your personal business. It’s unlikely anyone is being deliberately nosy and it could be that people you are suspicious about at the start of the year could be incredibly helpful and supportive later in the month.

Work and other commitments will provide an interesting challenge in March while Venus is in your ninth house. This could involve a lot of travel and you will be seeing less of your close friends and family

You might want to make up for this in April or May but if you were intending to spend a lot of time at home, you will quickly realise that this isn’t such a good idea. In fact, you could find yourself on the move at a moment’s notice and still relishing the chance of a change.

In May and June, there is emphasis on the social sector of your chart. Venus will be in your friendship zone in August. Dealings with other people will be mutually advantageous but make sure you have a definite plan in mind before getting into discussions that may affect the future.

Your ambitious side will be on show in the summer when there will be some competition around you and you will be determined to succeed in any area you commit to at this time.

During September, you won’t be able to afford to rest on your laurels. Interesting new ideas will come through studying other people’s methods and techniques. Career affairs will enjoy an exciting breakthrough but Virgo the amount of commitment you put into new responsibilities will ultimately be up to you.

October will be a good month if you are involved in neighbourhood activities or community affairs.

Thoughts will return to duty and family commitments later in the year and by then you’ll feel refreshed and ready for action

2012 is a year to speak your mind as keeping things bottled up inside could cause inner conflict, confusion or tension. Many times, talking things through will half the problem. Also, as the year ends, a surprise cheque might arrive just when you were wondering how you were going to pay some steadily increasing bills. New friendships struck up in your job environment could be helpful in the future and it shouldn’t be too difficult to keep on top of any minor health problems.

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