Volunteer Ideas for Busy Adults in Kansas City

I am going to share with you a little secret: even as a busy, working adult with a family, you CAN find time to volunteer. A lot of people I know wish they could volunteer but don’t feel like they have a few hours per week they can regularly set aside to do it. But the truth is that life is never going to slow down. There will always be something keeping you busy, whether it is work, school, kids, or working on your house. So start fitting volunteering into your life now. It will make you feel good and if you have your own kids, or even just kids who look up to you, it will set an amazing sample of service for them.

Here are two options with great organizations for volunteering in Kansas City:

1. Camp Quality Greater Kansas City

This is an option for someone who doesn’t regularly have time to volunteer but could find a way to donate one big chunk of concentrated time. Camp Quality is a week-long summer camp for kids with cancer (also for kids who have survived cancer and for siblings of these children). The basic premise is that it gives kids with cancer a chance to be kids again. They can take a “vacation” from being sick to have fun and have a true sleep-away camp experience.

The unique thing about this camp is that each camper is matched one-to-one with a Companion. Companions do everything with their camper from swimming and fishing to eating and napping. Wherever the camper goes, the Companion goes. The camp is always looking for adults to volunteer to be companions, which is a commitment that typically consists of one training day on a Saturday and the six days the camp runs in the summertime.

I worked as a Companion for two summer camps and then worked as one of the camp nurses for two more. That is another thing I want to mention, don’t feel intimidated about working with sick kids if you are not a medical person. You would not be expected to deal with any medical issues, there are several trained nurses at the camp that are well-informed on the healthcare needs of each child and keep track of all their medications and anything else they need done while at camp.

If interested in finding out more or applying to be a Companion, go to Camp Quality’s website.

2. Harvester’s

This is an option for any busy adult that wants to fit in just a couple of hours of volunteer time periodically. Harvester’s is a giant food bank in Kansas City. They are part of the Community Food Network and collaborate with many area businesses, grocery stores, and organizations to facilitate food donation and volunteering. Any individual or organization can sign up for as little as a two hour shift to work at Harvester’s.

Most volunteers at Harvester’s work in the warehouse sorting food. You sort all the donated food into categories and then box the food up so it can be distributed. It’s easy and fun. Kids as young as age six can participate and when I was there with an organization I work with, there were several boy scout and girl scout troops volunteering. This is a great chance for kids to get involved!

To find out more about volunteering at Harvester’s visit their website.

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