Water Heroes

We have heard of First Responders who answered the call,
The day we saw our Towers fall
Heroes they are to you and me

But what of the heroes that came from the sea?

There were men and boats who knew the water

And they had to do the good they ought to

To rescue the people from a scary downtown

That September day the Towers came down

The Coast Guard used the radio

Said “We need help and don’t be slow”

Wall to wall boats across the horizon

Even the ferry from Staten Island

With not a care of their own well being

The Captains saved the people fleeing

From a scary life amid downtown

That September day the Towers came down

No thoughts of terror to them that day

Over 500,000 people were saved

The day we lost those two twin towers

And it only took them less than nine hours

So when you think of heroes and want to boast

Then of heroic captains and their heroic boats

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