We Were Soldiers


I raised my hand I took the oath

I said it out loud I was bold

My friend joined in and said it to

We were going to change this world

We were doing it for you

You see we wanna be soldiers

We went off to basic together as friends

Where we trained all day and all night

We made it through like good buddies do

We were so proud

We were soldiers now

And then one day my buddy John

Was called away to Vietnam

We kept in touch as much as we could

Until one day I heard the chaplain say

It’s over but he was a soldier

He fought so hard he saved a life

He always stood strong and he paid the price

The tears came down from my face

I’ll never forget the life he gave

I was so proud

He was a soldier now

The years went by I made it through

I retired with honors I fought for you

And now as I see my son go away

To fight for me I can only say

That we were soldiers

Well I am thankful for the day that I joined

And for my friend John and my son

For your freedoms we fight

For your freedoms we die

It’s true when I say

We Were Soldiers

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