Week 5 NFL Thoughts Begin with Bragging, End with Tribute to Silver and Black

Wow, what an NFL season football fans!

Week 5 produced more thrills and chills (and more upsets) in what has been a season-long string of them. As usual, your boy’s got plenty of NFL thoughts rattling around in the old noggin’ and I’m ready to share them with NFL fans and gamblers that just can’t get enough of North America’s most popular team sport.

This week’s first ‘NFL Thoughts’ column gets underway with some mild bragging from yours truly- before finishing up with a tribute to the man that put the Silver and Black on the map!

Okay, with that said, let’s get the ball rolling!

I Told You So!

I told NFL fans and betting enthusiasts the Green Bay Packers would roll all over the defenseless Atlanta Falcons in an eerily similar win to the one they recorded in their NFC divisional playoff matchup in January – and sure enough, they did.

Underachiever Alert!

The San Diego Chargers beat Denver just as I expected, but the Bolts are arguably the biggest bunch of underachievers in all of North American team sports!

Uh, Okay!

Okay, okay, I really thought the New York Jets would bounce back in a big way to really challenge Tom Brady and company on Sunday, but clearly this year’s Jets team is missing something – like a consistent offense.

Opening Up ‘A Can’

The San Francisco 49ers opened up a can of proverbial ‘whup ass’ on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their 48-3 Week 5 blowout, that I never saw coming. Hell, the Niners were so overwhelming; they actually opened up two cans on Tampa Bay!

Wounded Birds!

The Philadelphia Eagles need a new attitude – and a new head coach – in the worst way NFL fans! Call me crazy, but I’m thinking Andy Reid will not be back in 2012.

Woe is Me No More!

Maybe it’s me, but I feel absolutely no sympathy toward the Indianapolis Colts because of the loss of starting quarterback Peyton Manning. I say, forget Indy’s ‘woe is me’ attitude, the Colts – and clueless head coach Jim Caldwell – need to man up!

Well, Duh!

After seeing Adrian Peterson run roughshod all over the beleaguered Cardinals on Sunday, I’m wondering why it took so long for the Vikes to get a clue! They should have been giving Peterson the ball early and often all season long, duh!

Missed Opportunity

The New York Giants blew a golden opportunity to create some breathing room in the NFC East by smacked around like a bunch of little pansies in their 36-25 home loss to Seattle on Sunday.

That’s More Like It!

The Pittsburgh Steelers laid a surprising 38-17 smackdown on the surprising Tennessee Titans that should have their fans and betting backers breathing a collective sigh of relief! Pittsburgh looked like their old dominant selves in spanking Tennessee on both sides of the ball!

Another Close Call

Cam Newton and the surprising Carolina Panthers continue to shine – and keep games a whole lot closer than expected in the first season of their current rebuilding plan. For the umpteenth time, it’s absolutely laughable that anyone ever thought Newton wouldn’t ‘make it’ as an NFL quarterback.

Jacked in Jacksonville!

Things are ‘jacked up’ in Jacksonville football fanatics. Yeah, I knew the Jags would lose at home to rebuilding Cincinnati, but damn, the Jags looked overly clueless in dropping their fourth straight game.

A ‘Just Win Baby’ Tribute!

Gotta’ show the Oakland Raiders – and my brother George, a lifelong Raiders fan – some serious love after the storied franchise lost its founder and leader in the legendary Al Davis. Oakland pulled off the huge win over Houston on Sunday – and I, for one, couldn’t be happier, for the Silver and Black – and my win-starved brother! Then again, he could be a Dolphins fan like me … oh well.

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