Why Does Government Have to Be so Difficult?

I’ll begin by telling you that I don’t vote. I don’t think it’s worth my time. I know that no matter who I vote for, the best interests of the average citizen aren’t taken in to account. So what’s the use?

I have two young sons and was raising them by myself until about a year ago, when I found a wonderful man. The biological father of my children was an abusive man who also used illegal drugs and was a hazard to me and my sons. Anyone who has ever known a single mother knows that we do whatever it takes to make life work for ourselves and our children. We sacrifice the things we want for the things they need. We have to kiss boo boos and wipe little butts. We tuck our children in for bed and stay up until the wee hours of the night to make sure our house is picked up and the laundry is done. Single parents are both the mother and the father.

How that all relates to government?

We’re currently going through a huge election, probably one of the most important political journeys our country has ever been faced with. Our country is in massive turmoil, facing economic disaster, and nobody seems to get along.

Why is government any different from a family…or a single parent family, for that matter? I just don’t understand why the same principles that are used to make a household function can’t be used to make a government function.

Our government uses a language that the majority of citizens don’t understand. How many US Citizens have secondary education in government policy and lawmaking? Not a very high population, I’m certain. So, why is it that the laws are written in a way we can’t comprehend? The newspaper industry learned from the beginning that, in order to get people to understand the news, you’ve got to dumb it up a bit. The first thing that I think should happen is the laws and bills need to be written in a format that the average citizen can grasp. And guess what that means? It would mean that they can’t just slip all sorts of garbage into bills and get away with it.

What about our budget? What the heck are they doing in Washington? Don’t they know what we all know? You can’t spend more than you have! If you want to have electricity next month, don’t buy those Jimmy Choo’s that you’ve been eyeballing. For a lot of families, having $5 left in your account the day before payday is a big deal. BUT, they know that they only have $5 left that they could possibly spend if they had to. It’s a very simple concept. Where is all the money going? Special Interests? Our Senate and House members’ lobbyist friends? How much of that money is being used effectively? Americans have learned how to streamline their budgets by cutting out the fluff. What makes it so difficult for our country’s leaders to do the same?

What this nation needs is to clean house of all the politicians and replace them with people who have the experience of being a parent and no experience with political hoopla. People who know what it’s like to be a 99er. People who know what it takes to live on a budget and to be responsible for other lives.

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