Why I Cant Get Pregnant

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Fertility, ovulation, conception time, female age, genetics and even your karma may be involved in not getting pregnant.

For conception time you have control, but most other factors are left to nature, randomness or God.

Tips on Getting Pregnant

There is a proper time for any activity under the Sun. Astrology tells us that for getting pregnant it is best to make love in the waxing moon and when your body is at ovulation phase. During this time fertility increases and desire for intercourse is getting wild.

You can find out when your body is ovulating by subtle clues and changes in your body. Listen to your body very carefully and it will tell you when the right time has come.

According to Taoist sexual knowledge, the man has to ejaculate once in two-three days during expected pregnancy love sessions and he must have practiced semen retention (ejaculation control) for at least two weeks prior to this.

You need to have sex at least once in two days during waxing moon and as many times as you like during waning moon but without ejaculation.

Getting pregnant after 40

There is a story with a very old woman who cannot get pregnant and God come an told her she will soon have a baby. The woman told to herself that this is impossible, but to her amazement, after some time she miraculously got pregnant.

So there are things we have no control. But we can always ask God to help us, because everything is possible for Him or Her. And it is easy for God to make any woman get pregnant at any time.

On this line I recommend to read Pregnancy Miracle book.

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