Will and Jada Inc. Is Forever

Celebrity breakup rumors spread like wild fire and it can get out of control if no one steps up to shed some light on the truth. News of an impending breakup between Hollywood power couple Will and Jada Smith has fueled more interest not only in their marriage but also in that of Jada’s Hawthorne co-star Marc Anthony. The news of a split between the celebrity duo comes fresh off the heels of reports of a breakup between Jennifer Lopez and her husband Marc Anthony. Both couples have maintained a reasonably good marriage that has lasted quite long by Hollywood’s standards and although divorce is a norm in most celebrity marriages Will and Jada seem to be the type of couple that has lasting power.

Will is currently filming his third Men in Black installment; the franchise which turned him into one of the highest grossing actors in Hollywood with an estimated $20 million per movie. Shortly after the split saga began to pick up some steam Will and Jada released a joint statement saying that, “Although we are reluctant to respond to these types of press reports, the rumors circulating about our relationship are completely false…We are still together, and our marriage is intact.” Will’s older son Trey also recently took to Twitter to defend his father and step mother and Will’s former Fresh Prince of Bel Air co-star Alfonso Ribeiro promptly squashed split rumors stating that, “Will and Jada are not getting a divorce, they are all good.”

Will and Jada were also recently spotted out and about shopping and sharing a laugh as they hung out at an outdoor beachside cafe. They were reportedly both enjoying each other and looked quite happy like any other happily married couple. So let’s hope that puts all the rumors of a split between these two to rest. We all know that where there is smoke there is fire and sometimes there can be a little truth to every rumor but in this case it seems like Will and Jada decided to let their actions speak for itself. With that said Will and Jada Smithh & Co. can continue building their Hollywood empire which seems to be the envy of many and may very well be what’s behind all these splitsville rumors about these two.

They are currently the hottest working celebrity couple and have maintained their lead among other celebrity duos for the past 13 years since they tied the knot back in 1997. In fact Will and Jada Inc. has expanded their burgeoning celebrity empire with their two kids Jaden and Willow both of whom are already celebrities in their own right at the ages of 13 and 10 respectively. At the end of the day to split or not to split is a non-issue between these two because Will and Jada Inc. is forever the split rumors just give them a little added publicity not like they needed the help anyway.

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